Ascolta Artists ApS (hereinafter referred to as "AA ApS") is subject to the Danish Data Protection Act and the General Data Protection Regulation ("GDPR"), which means, that AA ApS is obligated to give information about the personal data, that AA ApS processes and the rights that the data subject have in connection with this.
AA ApS collects personal data about artists, customers and business partners (data subjects).
Ascolta Artists ApS, Nyvej 16C, 2nd floor, 1851 Frederiksberg C, CVR no. 43905597 is the Data Controller in connection with the processing of personal data. If you have questions about AA ApS’ processing of personal data, you can contact Jonas Fosdal at tel. +45 7172 20 00 or
Purpose and Collection
When you, as a customer, enter into agreements with AA ApS regarding booking of performing artists through AA ApS, AA ApS requires the following information: Name, address, phone number, email address, the IP address used in connection with the booking, CVR number/company number, possible EAN number and website address.
These details are necessary for AA ApS in order to book performing artists for the customer, thereby fulfilling AA ApS’ requirement of legitimate interest under Article 6(1)(f) of the GDPR.
When you, as a performing artist, is affiliated with AA ApS, AA ApS requires the following information:
-           Identification data (name and address) and contact information (e-mail address, telephone number and possible CVR-number/company number)
-           VISA and residence permit (if relevant)
-           Copy of passport
-           Photo (consent to be signed below)
-           Information on measurements
Additionally, AA ApS requires information about bank account number for the settlement of fees and CPR number for tax reporting purposes.
The above information and personal data are necessary for AA ApS in order to maintain a contractual relationship with the artist, thereby fulfilling AA ApS’ requirement of legitimate interest and the necessity to conclude and comply with contracts with institutions regarding the artists performance and to promote the artist on AA ApS’ website and in promotion material. Reference is made to Article 6(1)(b) and (f) of the GDPR.
Further personal data will be processed by AA ApS in cases where AA ApS, after conducting a balancing of interests, has found that AA ApS’ interest in processing personal data is more important than the artist’s interest in the personal data not being processed for the purpose. In addition, personal data is collected in order for the artist to fulfil his/her part of the contract entered into between the artist and AA ApS.
AA ApS’ processing and disclosure of the artist’s personal data will be in accordance with applicable law at any time. The personal data will only be disclosed to relevant persons in AA ApS. Further relevant and necessary information will be disclosed to the institutions that the artist enters into an agreement with regarding the artist’s performance. No further disclosure will take place unless it is required to be disclosed by law in order to fulfil an obligation. Data will not be transferred to third countries.
AA ApS always strives to limit access to personal data and only share information that is reasonably necessary for the recipients to perform their work or to provide their services.
Storage and Deletion
Personal data is processed and stored securely by AA ApS for the period required to meet the purposes with the processing of the personal data. Information about the artist will, as a general rule, be stored for three years after the cooperation has ended, after which the data is deleted.
There may be legitimate reasons to extend this period and to keep personal data for a longer period, if this is necessary in order to safeguard AA ApS’ interests and to avoid conflicts of interest.  
Access to knowledge, rectification, deletion, limitation and objections -rights of the data subject
The data subject can request to be informed about the personal data AA ApS has registered about the data subject. If required, AA ApS will provide the data subject with an electronic copy of the data collected. The data subject is therefore always entitled to access the personal data processed by AA ApS.
The data subject may at any time object to personal data about the data subject being processed and to data portability.
The data subject also have the right to request that personal data registered about the data subject is rectified or deleted, or that processing is limited. AA ApS will delete or correct registered data regarding the data subject, that AA ApS is not required to store by law, when the data in no longer necessary for AA ApS or if the data shows to be incorrect.
If the artist object to the processing of personal data by AA ApS or request the deletion or limitation of data necessary for the handling of the cooperation, as referred to above, this can mean that AA ApS in certain situations cannot fulfil concluded contracts or deliver certain services to the artist, and that AA ApS no longer is able to represent the artist.
If some of the data possessed by AA ApS regarding the artist is provided on the basis of the artist’s consent, the artist is at all times entitled to withdraw this consent, whereby the data will be deleted.
However, the option of withdrawing consent, requesting deletion, etc. may be limited as regards the protection of the privacy of others, trade secrets and intellectual property rights, and, for example, for the purpose of asserting potential legal claims.
Further, there may be specific situations under GDPR in which AA ApS is not obliged to comply with the above rights.
If the data subject wishes to request (1) knowledge of, (2) rectification or deletion of the personal data registered about the data subject at AA ApS, or (3) limitation of the processing of the registered personal data, or (4) if the data subject has any other objections, please contact Jonas Fosdal at or tel. +45 3126 3146.
All inquiries regarding the rights of the data subject can be sent to Jonas Fosdal, tel. +45 7172 20 00 or
Security breaches
In the event of a security breach where there is a high risk of abuse of the data subject’s personal data including, for example, identity theft, financial loss, damage to reputation or other forms of misuse, AA ApS will notify the data subject of the security breach as quickly as possible. AA ApS’ security procedures are continuously reviewed and updated in relation to technological developments. 
Any data subject has the option to complain about AA ApS’ processing of their personal data.
Complaints can be submitted to the Danish Data Protection Agency, Borgergade 28, 5th floor, DK-1300 Copenhagen K,, tel +45 33 19 32 99.
More information about Datatilsynet can be found at
If you have any questions about AA ApS’ processing of personal data, feel free to contact Jonas Fosdal at mobile +45 71 72 20 00 or