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Danish pop - and cross over artist Oh Land (Nanna Fabricius Øland) has released five albums, including her most recent album, Family Tree (2019), her most intimate and personal work to date. She has also released numerous singles and remixes, and released her newest single, “Listen A Little Less”, on March 26, 2021.

In addition to pop music, Oh Land also composes music for film, theater and the classical music world. As a former ballet dancer and with close connections to the classical music through her parents, she is constantly exploring new paths to combine the universe of pop music and classical music in exciting cross over projects.
She has performed with world famous classical artists such as Lang Lang and Joshua Bell at Carnegie Hall in New York City, and orchestrated concerts for the Danish Symphony Orchestra in her native country of Denmark.
In 2016 Oh Land collaborated with the Queen of Denmark, Margrethe II and world famous Choreographer Yuri Possokhov to create the ballet "Cinderella" for the Tivoli Concert Hall.
"Watermusic" was composed in 2017, a mythical story featuring dance, aerial acrobatics, multimedia and music featuring Oh Land as Queen of the Sea.  The result is a sensational audio-visual journey inspired by the story of the barges combining architecture, dance and music. A further project that year was creating the musical score for the exhibition "The Ship" at Nikolaj Kunsthal in collaboration with Eske Kath.
Oh Land reimagined the Danish National Anthem as a dark, dystopian theme song a dark, dystopian theme song for the new Netflix sci-fi hit The Rain in 2018 and in 2019 she composed a new ballet of H.C. Andersen's classic fairy tale "The Snow Quen" with the same artistic team as in 2016 including the Queen of Denmark, Margrethe II.
Among her recent projects is her debut as a classical singer at the Royal Opera in Copenhagen and at Opéra national de Montpellier. In 2023 she was commissioned to compose her first opera on a theme of youth culture.
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