Spungin, Jonah - Baritone

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R. Strauss - Lieben, Hassen, Hoffen, Zagen (Ariadne auf Naxos)
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Turandot, Malmö, 2024
...Jonah Spungin, Per Lindström, and Conny Thimander [sang] the three imperial officials Ping, Pang and Pong with equal parts sadness and humor – and a touch of devilry.
- Operamagasinet Ascolta
Jonah Spungin, Per Lindström, and Conny Thimander are a fine trio, who manage to make these cardboard figures [of Ping, Pang, and Pong] believable.
- Svenska Dagbladet
The voice placement and timbre are great...
- Le Devoir
Jonah Spungin was a standout in the role...
- Opera Canada
Jonah Spungin, that solid baritone...
- Les ArtsZé
Ingenuous aristocrat Gabriel von Eisenstein, zestfully sung by baritone Jonah Spungin...
- The McGill Daily
Elijah's four great arias were brilliantly sung by Jonah Spungin...
- Les ArtsZé
... the vocal contributions impress with Jonah Spungin's warm baritone as Tsargo...
- Norrbottens Kuriren
Jonah Spungin with his lyrical baritone gives human contours to Tsargo...
- Svenska Dagbladet
[Jonah's] baritone voice has both attack and frenzy...
- Västerbottens-Kuriren
Jonah Spungin is a showstopper: when you hear him sing, you forget there's anything else going on...
- Toronto Guardian
A funny Figaro, baritone Jonah Spungin from Ottawa, ON was delightful singing one of the most famous opera arias, Rossini's Largo al factotum (Il barbiere di Siviglia). Spungin definitely fully embodied the character...
- Broadway World Toronto
Jonah Spungin was incredibly entertaining and exceedingly droll as Pooh-Bah, the obsequious jack-of-all-trades high functionary.
- The Charlebois Post
Athenodorus is sung by baritone Jonah Spungin, who has a warm tone and gravity that belies his age... [He] does his part to create the most engaging character in the production.
- The YYScene
Jan, with the powerful baritone of Jonah Spungin, can be seen as a bridge between the two worlds...
- Fler nyheter
With Jonah Spungin, it is above all the overtone-rich dramatic baritone voice that convinces us of Jan Nyman's virile manpower.
- Dagens Nyheter
Jonah Spungin's baritone conveys the weight that the more experienced and skilled Jan has.
- Svenska Dagbladet